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Do The Work, Get The Work

Auditioning is a skill set all actors are required to master. Doing great work in this climate is challenging; you must understand the genre, make compelling choices, connect with your audience, and do this all ON ZOOM! 

Gone are the days when you can feed off the room's energy! It's just you, on-screen, the way people at home would watch you on TV... oh hey, wait a minute, this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Having been on both sides of the camera most of my adult life, I can show you how to stand out in an online audition. I know what a director wants and what the actor needs. ​

Join me in this Advanced Audition Intensive as we explore, in a safe space, the Work from the inside out while you learn the art of Script Analysis, Working Within Genre, Crushing That Cold Read, and Making Those Bold Choices. 

PLEASE NOTE: This Advanced Intensive is BY REFERRAL ONLY. Space is Limited. 

Price: $1,200 

Listen.  React. Transform

Welcome to Scene Study with MCH, where we dive deep into the art of script analysis, character exploration, and the development of bold choices for actors. This class is designed to incorporate techniques from renowned acting methodologies that focus on working from the inside out; I aim to empower you to create authentic and compelling performances.

Key Highlights:


  1. Script Analysis:

    • Learn the essential skills of script analysis to understand the characters' underlying motivations, conflicts, and objectives.

    • Gain insights into the scenes' structure, themes, and subtext, enabling you to make informed acting choices.

  2. Working from the Inside Out:

    • Develop a deep understanding of the character's emotional life and psychological nuances.

    • Explore techniques to tap into your personal experiences and emotions to create truthful and layered performances.

  3. Taking The Hit:

    • Engage in exercises to enhance your ability to listen, react, and respond truthfully in the moment.

    • Develop your instincts, spontaneity, and authenticity, allowing organic and dynamic interactions with scene partners.

  4. Exploration and Bold Choices:

    • Encourage a fearless exploration of characters, push boundaries, and discover unexpected choices.

    • Foster a safe and supportive environment that celebrates risk-taking and experimentation, allowing actors to find their unique artistic voice.

  5. Listening and Reacting:

    • Cultivate active listening skills to connect with scene partners and respond authentically to their actions.

    • Develop the ability to adapt and stay present, enabling spontaneous and organic interactions within the scene.

Join Scene Study With MCH and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, artistic exploration, and the creation of vibrant and memorable characters. Whether you're an intermediate or an experienced actor, this class will provide you with the tools and techniques to elevate your craft and unleash your full potential on stage and screen.

PLEASE NOTE: This Advanced Scene Study is BY REFERRAL ONLY.  Space is Limited. 

Price: $700

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