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Packages and Scripts Available Upon Request


(Subversive Thriller) 


After witnessing an assault by an unruly gang of affluent high school students, then causing their expulsion, an amiable yet slightly unbalanced teacher, with a shocking past, retreats to an off-season ski chalet for a mental health reset. Troubles arise when the gang shows up with malicious intent; little do they know that, even though she's the only other person in the room, Nancy Ferguson is Never Alone.  



An anxious college drop-out stoner begrudgingly agrees to join his charming, ‘criminal adjacent’ father on a 24-hour road trip. What was promised to be a ‘quick and easy’ pick up and delivery rapidly escalates into a chaotic, hilarious adventure involving the Chechen mob, the FBI,  and the cross-border transport of a dead body who holds all the cards.  




An unlikely group of heroes including a comic book hoarder, a roller derby queen, a marijuana trapper, and his gang find themselves fighting for their lives in the labyrinthine corridors of a creepy self-storage facility after discovering an ancient vampire and her minions have escaped their storage-container prisons, desperate to flee once the sun goes down. F**kTwilight… Pray for daylight!  




The year is 1986. The five survivors, whose real-life experiences inspired the five scariest slasher flicks of all time undergo an experimental psycho-kinetic treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Under hypnosis, the Five come face to face and relive their greatest fear: The event that caused their trauma. When memories and fantasies turn real and the body count begins to rise. They must band together and fight for their lives. Can The Five Survive...Again? 


( Thriller) 

In the post-COVID future, the federal prison system has been abolished and the AirBnB-type corporation GenPop has taken over. In order to make ends meet, a very pregnant, recently widowed woman in the throes of grieving, transforms her garage into a state-of-the-art jail cell to ‘host’ a minimum security inmate. Troubles arise when the grid goes down and the many inmates housed in the neighborhood escape.

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