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Outline and Pilot Available Upon Request

Stages Cover.jpg


(Relationship Adult Comedy)


Stages is 10-part, half-hour, adult comedy series about a soon-to-be widower who promises to fulfill an ambitiously curated list of life-altering tasks based on The Stages Of Grief set up by his brilliant, terminally ill wife.


(One Hour Thriller)


Gregory — the world’s last remaining vampire — comes out of his self-imposed exile to rid the city of a ‘vampire obsessed’, cosplaying serial killer named Maleryk. Through a series of unfortunate events, Gregory doesn’t kill Maleryk, instead… he accidentally sires him. Troubles arise when Gregory’s psychopathic progeny converts a small army of like-minded cosplayers into full-on vampires. Vampires who are determined to rule the world.

Shitty Wishes COVER.jpg


 (Dark Comedy/Action)

Shitty Wishes is a 10-part, edgy, dark comedy series about a group of seemingly unrelated people who, after eating a chemically enhanced piece of fruitcake (that was mailed to them) arbitrarily make a wish which gives each of them unique and extraordinary mental and/or physical abilities. 


(Psychological Horror)

This thrilling 10-part, hour-long mystery/meta-horror series takes place in the year 1986. The five survivors, whose real-life experiences may have inspired five famous slasher movies, undergo experimental, mind-altering treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Under hypnosis, the Five come face to face with and relive their greatest fear: The event that caused their trauma. 

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